Katy Perry engaged with yellow gold ring Reply

If you have had this conversation with me, you would know that I am fascinated with the shifting trends of metal color. About two years ago, we started see yellow gold coming back in a category I call “fashion jewelry.” Engagement ring continue to be 100% white metal. When pop icons start to make other choices, I see that this white metal engagement trend is beginning to shift.
Pop music icon, Katy Perry is showing off her new ring:
“Katy Perry braved the winter chill this weekend and showed off her engagement ring when returning to fiance Russell Brand’s London flat in Hampstead after celebrating their engagement in Thailand.

She took to Twitter early Saturday and proclaimed to her fiance, “I love you @rustyrockets (awwwww…barf).” (Our thoughts exactly.)

Perry, 25 and Brand, 34, got engaged — after dating for four months — on New Year’s Eve while on vacation in Jaipur, India.

The trip, “was his Christmas gift. She told him how much she loved Indian culture while they were eating curry in England, so he surprised her,” a source told Us Weekly.

The eccentric comedian popped the question to the “I Kissed a Girl” singer in a spiritual ceremony with what the Diamond Information Center estimates is a 3-carat round-shaped center stone set on a vintage-esque yellow gold band from Cartier, with an estimated price tag of $120,000.

(We kinda thought fruit-loving Perry would opt for pear shaped.)

Cartier was reached, but declined to comment on its client’s purchases.”


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