Black diamond make a major debut! Reply

The following article was featured in June 2 edition of The National Jeweler.

This will quick start an interest in black diamonds in the marketplace!

New York–Spoiler alert! Sex and the City fans will remember that at the end of the 2008 film, Carrie Bradshaw got engaged with a diamond-encrusted shoe rather than a diamond-encrusted ring. While it seemed a fitting engagement for the die-hard fashionista, fans who might have been gunning to see Carrie get a ring will finally get their wish.

Back for another round in Sex and the City 2, which opened at the No. 2 spot at the box office this weekend, Carrie and her trio of best friends, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, sport jewelry throughout, but the piece that’s getting fans talking is a 5-carat diamond ring from designer Itay Malkin.

The hefty carat weight makes for a talking point of its own, but the real buzz factor is the diamond’s hue. For fearless fashionista Carrie–who was ready to get married in the first film wearing a bright blue feather on her head–a crystal clear diamond ring just wouldn’t do.

In the final scene, Carrie’s longtime love, Big, presents her with a black diamond ring, explaining “because you are not like anyone else.”

According to a media release from Malkin, during prep for the film, the search was on for black diamond rings. Writer/director Michael Patrick King and actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie, sifted through designs from more than 20 jewelry designers before selecting one of two rings anonymously submitted by Malkin.

To finalize the design, Malkin worked in collaboration with Parker and costume designer Patricia Field, debuting on the big screen a 5-carat black diamond ring set in 18-karat white gold and surrounded by 80 round natural colorless pave diamonds.

Fans inspired to own a black diamond ring of their own–especially one like Carrie’s–will be happy to find out that the ring won’t just live on film. Itay Malkin will produce a replica ring in a limited-edition series, each stamped with the limited-edition serial number and certificate.


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