How much gold is in those Olympic medals? Reply

2014 Winter Olympic MedalsThe 2014 Winter Olympic Games are here and Forbes recently released some details about the value of the Sochi gold medal. It’s one of the physically largest in history but not one of the most expensive. With a 20% decrease from the London 2012 Summer Olympics the Sochi gold medal is approximately $566 in value, although the decrease in price has to do with the change in gold and silver prices in the last two years. According to Forbes, “the Sochi gold medal weighs 531 grams with a thickness of 10mm and a diameter of 100mm.” However, the majority of the gold medal is silver. There are 525 grams of silver plated with 6 grams of gold.

11 designs were proposed and the winning design is a “Patchwork Quilt” that shows off national designs from the cultures and ethnic groups of Russia as well as the unique landscape of Sochi. A Moscow jeweler, Adamas, was commissioned to make the 1,300 medals and the average time to make one medal was about 18 hours. Quite the commitment!

Enjoy the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games and go Team USA!!


Fun at the 11th Annual Retrofittings Event! Reply

Last night Krombholz Jewelers was happy to be a part of the eleventh annual Retro Fittings, a St. Vincent de Paul fundraiser. The event took place at Music Hall for the first time and was a great success. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe event features a live auction, silent auctions and a fashion show by DAAP fashion students. Each student is given $10 to shop at St. Vincent de Paul and then retrofit the clothes into completely new designs. This year, the theme of the show was “A Night at the Opera,” so students came up with show inspired outfits.




Pen_Retrofittings 2013 necklace aLee Krombholz retrofitted a mother of pearl pin into a magnificent 14 karat gold necklace with fleur de lis stations with mother of pearl inlays and bezel set diamonds. The necklace was a successful part of the live auction with all proceeds going to St. Vincent de Paul.



Marsha of working the audience

Here are some of my favorite outfits created by the UC fashion studentsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





Brock of modeling the fur cape, designed by a fashion student and created by Kotsovos in Montgomery

Prince William Commissions a “Push Present” Reply

George Alexander LouisThere is a rumor circulating that Prince William has commissioned the Queens personal jeweler, Harry Collins of G. Collins and Company in Kent, England to design a “push present” for Kate Middleton’s birthing of Prince George. The rumor suggests that the commission is a brooch featuring pink diamonds.


Pink diamonds might seem like an interesting choice although pink diamonds have appeared in other jewels made for the Royals. This tradition started when Canadian geologist, Dr. J.T. Williamson found a 54 carat rough pink diamond in Tanzania and gave it to Queen Elizabeth II for a wedding gift in 1947. This diamonds was faceted and set in the center of a stylized flower pin designed by Cartier for Elizabeth’s coronation in 1952.


The 23.6ct pink diamond, known as the Williamson Pink, is considered by many as the finest pink diamond in existence. The Queen wears this brooch often.


Gifts given to mothers after the birth of a baby was first called a “push present” in a publication in 1992. When Prince William was born in 1982, Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a gold bracelet inscribed with his writing and a gold ‘W’ charm. We will have to wait to see what Prince William has commissioned.

The Invasion of Tucson Reply

It happens once a year. It starts out as a trickle and then it grows into a rock show. Some of the rock stars have millions of dollars in their pockets while other move heavy pallets of  boulders. The Tucson International Gem and Mineral Show is chaos to the senses!


For those that love the sparkle of a beautifully faceted gemstone, there is no where else in the world that has more!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





Looking for some rare boulders? You have come to the right place.


How about beads made of rocks from the Colosseum in Rome? Yep, you can buy those here from a Swiss company called Horizonte. Oh, and if Colosseum rocks aren’t your thing, how about beads made out of pavers from the from the front of Albert Einstein’s home. Sure you can get those as well!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





I like the beautifully decorated stingray cuffs!







And the earrings made of pierced leather and diamonds!





There are tents full of Chinese fresh water pearls.







If you wanted to have a full scale dinosaur replica and had some spare room in your car, that is a possibility also.


It is hard not to be amazed by the gigantic mineral specimens.








And for the rock hound, lots of bin of specimens to dig through.


Of course, some rock star only come for the food and ambiance!

Good bye Tucson! Thanks for hosting us again this year!