Pantone colors of the year with the gemstone counterparts Reply


I created this chart using the colors Pantone is selecting as the “Hot Colors” for 2013. I added the gemstone that I feel represent these colors the best.


Florence + the Machine – Jewelry Design Reply

Florence + the Machine is a Grammy nominate English indie rock band that will be heard often on the sound system of Krombholz Jewelers.

Florence Welch

The group is fronted by the incredible vocalist, Florence Welch and includes the long time musician collaborator, Isabella “Machine” Summers.

Florence has been busy on the side designing jewelry. I think this a a great example of the creative spirit that flows from some individuals.

Her jewels won’t be found on our website: You can find her designs on her website:


The Invasion of Tucson Reply

It happens once a year. It starts out as a trickle and then it grows into a rock show. Some of the rock stars have millions of dollars in their pockets while other move heavy pallets of  boulders. The Tucson International Gem and Mineral Show is chaos to the senses!


For those that love the sparkle of a beautifully faceted gemstone, there is no where else in the world that has more!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





Looking for some rare boulders? You have come to the right place.


How about beads made of rocks from the Colosseum in Rome? Yep, you can buy those here from a Swiss company called Horizonte. Oh, and if Colosseum rocks aren’t your thing, how about beads made out of pavers from the from the front of Albert Einstein’s home. Sure you can get those as well!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





I like the beautifully decorated stingray cuffs!







And the earrings made of pierced leather and diamonds!





There are tents full of Chinese fresh water pearls.







If you wanted to have a full scale dinosaur replica and had some spare room in your car, that is a possibility also.


It is hard not to be amazed by the gigantic mineral specimens.








And for the rock hound, lots of bin of specimens to dig through.


Of course, some rock star only come for the food and ambiance!

Good bye Tucson! Thanks for hosting us again this year!

Amanda Seyfried looks great at the 2013 SAG Awards Reply

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Amanda Seyfried purchased a Just Like You Design ring a few years ago while she was filming in Charleston, S.C. Since then it has been hard not to notice the great style of this starlet!

This picture shows exhibiting her beauty and style with a simple, but beautiful Zac Posen dress and an Art Deco inspired lavender jade and diamond Lorraine Schwartz pendant.

Lorraine has been catching my design consistently for a while now. Her style of fine jewelry is fashionable and tasteful! She chooses to sell her designs only at Bergdorf’s and does not maintain a personal website.

Amanda-Seyfried-SAG-Awards-Necklace close

I really enjoy seeing the length of the chain coordinating with the scale of the pendant and the style and simplicity of the dress. Very well done!

Ashlee Mello styled a case! Reply

This past weekend we had fashion stylist and blogger, Ashlee Mello, come to our store and style a feature case for our sales floor. Ashlee is a part of our fashion advisory board that we started the beginning of this year. The jewelry she picked for her feature case ranged from Victorian to modern. Many her selection were from our vintage jewelry collection. She was excited to include some of our house “JLYD” jewels paired with some of their antique counterparts.

As a part of our visit we asked Ashlee some questions about her perspective on fashion and what she is seeing in Cincinnati. Here is her interview:

What current fine jewelry fashions do you like? I really love he growing variety of rose gold options now available. It’s the perfect metal to partner with all colors in your wardrobe. Plus, it’s the perfect color for wearing more than one shade of the precious metal if you want to mix and match.

Are you seeing this fashion on the street of Cincinnati? Definitely! Especially with the Spring color palates of neutrals, blushes and pastels in most women’s wardrobes-it’s the perfect way to add a touch of femininity.

What clothing styles and accessories go with this fashion? Anything really. I personally love how the soft rose color can dainty up a strong piece of jewelry like a cuff or bold chain bracelet. The color is just so feminine and airy. Try pairing a necklace with a mint green dress or bracelets with a baby blue blouse. The color combination is so dreamy.

What is currently your favorite color(s)? I’m very much crushing on Pantone’s Cab~ret (Pantone 18-2140) from their Spring color report. Since the color of the year is Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463), I’ve been probably having too much fun partnering the two together for an electric pink and orange color combination that screams summer! And of course, adding rose gold accessories-especially my stackable rings!

What are your favorite sources for fashions (i.e magazines/ blogs/ websites)? I’m fairly addicted to Women’s Wear Daily-I read the newspaper on a regular basis at work and am constantly perusing their website. (I’ve even got the digital content app for my iPad.) is a HUGE go to for me, especially in my career life. I am on that website daily. I also love seeing what my fellow Cincinnati style bloggers have to say about trends and their personal spins on them. Two of my favorites are Tamia of and Marsha + Brock of All of these ladies are beyond!

Do you have a favorite jewelry designer? This last year I’ve actually been on the hunt for fresh designers. One of my friends introduced me to October Anniversary. I love the eccentricity of their earlier collections. I’m also a sucker for timeless masters like Cartier.

Who is your current favorite fashion icon and what influence are they having on you? Such a tough question-there have just been and still are so many talented figures in the industry, it’s hard to choose just one. However, if I have to label anyone an icon, it would probably be Cristobal Balenciaga. His career began at the House of Dior in the same time of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and their careers shaped the world of haute couture. Dior referred to him as “the master of us all” and after their time together, Balenciaga moved on to his own design house and gifted the fashion world many infamous proteges: Oscar de la Renta, Andre Courreges, Emanual Ungaro, and Hubert de Givenchy. The Balenciaga legacy has always been a well-tailored line full of color and their semi avant garde pieces are simply timeless.

Jewels of the Titanic Reply

On April 15th, 1912 the RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. Her passengers included some of the wealthiest people in the world hoping to enjoy the maiden voyage of this historically significant luxury liner. 2224 people were on board when she left the shores of Southampton, England in route for New York City. 1514 people never made it home.

The wreck of the Titanic rested on the floor of the ocean for 73 years. In 1985, thousands of artifacts were salvaged and became the subject of many museum displays, books, films and exhibits. As you might imagine, the wealthy passengers brought significant jewelry on board with them. The style of this jewelry would have been a mix of Victorian jewelry (normally defined as the period from 1837 to 1901) and Edwardian jewelry (circa 1901 to 1915).

The Victorian jewelry would commonly be made in yellow gold and fairly ornate in style. The Edwardian jewelry is most commonly focuses on diamonds due to the growth of diamond mining operations in Kimberly, South Africa and the establishment of the De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd in 1888.  Also, in the late 1800’s the technology involved in working with platinum advanced, allowing for platinum to grow in use and popularity. The Edwardian jewelry is strikingly different in style from its predecessor, the Victorian period.

I am positive the passengers on the Titanic’s maiden and only voyage showed off the highest fashions of 1912, including its focus on the feminine S-shape silhouette, ethereal lightness, and layers of delicate fabrics, lace and feathers. Pale pastels and monochromatic white-on-white were the dominant color schemes. The demand for jewelry styles as light and delicate as the clothing grew in popularity.

Common motifs in the Edwardian jewelry include garlands, bows, ribbons and tassels. The combination of pearls and diamonds also follows the white on white color scheme. The negligee pendant gained popularity. This style consisting of two drops of unequal length suspended from a central element. Indian styled jewelry became fashionable based on the travels of King Edward VII to India. Filigree styled jewelry began in this period and many of the modern day engagement rings vintage styles originate from this period.

An Interview with fashion bloggers, Folk and Feather 1

I had a great chat with the fashion bloggers that go by Folk and Feather.

Co-bloggers Betsy Wecker and Becki Young have a great spirit and a wonderful following of fashionista around the country. Here are notes from our conversation.

What current fine jewelry fashions do you like? I’m always drawn to chunky jewelry, so it’s nice to see cuffs, cocktail rings and big, layered necklaces continuing to trend. I also love to see organic materials like agate, wood and leather incorporated into pieces.

Are you seeing this fashion on the street of Cincinnati? Cincinnati’s fashion zeitgeist has long erred on the side of conservativeness, so you tend to see people wearing more delicate, conventional pieces. But depending on where you are in the city, you’ll definitely sense an edgier, more eclectic vibe.

What clothing styles and accessories go with this fashion? Anything, really. It all depends on the look you’re going for. Both Becki and I are huge fans of mixing conservative, “sweet” elements with slightly tougher ones (e.g. lace with metal, leather with diamonds). Also, if you’re wearing bolder jewelry, keep the rest of your look more understated. For most people, it’s important to let either the accessories OR the outfit make the statement, not both.

What is currently your favorite color(s)? As far as metals go, we run the gamut from gold to rose gold to the occasional silver and pewter. It really all depends on the piece. For spring, pastels are super hot–we love canary yellow, peach and seafoam green.

What are your favorite sources for fashions (i.e magazines/ blogs/ websites)? The main source of inspiration for Folk & Feather came from reading other fashion blogs, most notably personal style (Fashiontoast, Cupcakes & Cashmere, the Glamourai) and street style (the Sartorialist, Garance Dore) blogs. I also read Vogue and Nylon cover-to-cover.

Do you have a favorite jewelry designer? Neither of us are at the point in our lives where we can afford fine jewelry, but we love Givenchy and David Yurman.

Who is your current favorite fashion icon and what influence are they having on you? I don’t have an icon in particular; rather, I draw my inspiration from street style–from the things everyday people are wearing. I work downtown, and I’m often blown away by the creativity and unique character I see in the personal style of everyday Cincinnatians.

Stop by Krombholz Jewelers and check out the feature case that they styled from our jewelry! I think you will enjoy their aesthetic!!! Make sure to also check out their blog at

An interview with bloggers: Style Edit Reply

The following is an interview we did with the bloggers, Style Edit in late January 2012.

Their blog address is

  • What current fine jewelry fashions do you like? Style Edit: Jewelry has become more delicate, but still with a vintage style. Think jewelry made from lace. The red carpet jewels are featuring one statement piece rather than big jewels everywhere. Daytime jewels are still bolder and layered, but dressy jewelry is smaller and finer.
  • Are you seeing this fashion on the street of Cincinnati? Style Edit: White metal is still dominant even though yellow, rose and mixed metals are popular in other bigger markets.
  • What clothing styles and accessories go with this fashion? Style Edit: Lace is a component of a lot of the fashions. We are also seeing a lot of hair accessories like hairbands and jewelry pinned into woman’s hair.
  • What is currently your favorite color(s)? Style Edit: Metal colors we love gold and the combination of black and gold. We love bright colors including tangerine and coral.
  • What are your favorite sources for fashions (i.e magazines/ blogs/ websites)? Style Edit: we love As far as a magazine, we like InStyle and Elle
  • Do you have a favorite jewelry designer? Style Edit: House of Harlow 1960 is our favorite. This brand is created by Nicole Richie. We particularly like the geometric styles. We also like Tiffany’s and Simon G in fine jewelry.
  • Who is your current favorite fashion icon and what influence are they having on you? Style Edit: We don’t have one specific person, besides perhaps Audrey Hepburn, but the ones that have caught our attention recently are Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, The Olsen Twins,  Rachel Bilson and Rachel Zoe.