Prince William Commissions a “Push Present” Reply

George Alexander LouisThere is a rumor circulating that Prince William has commissioned the Queens personal jeweler, Harry Collins of G. Collins and Company in Kent, England to design a “push present” for Kate Middleton’s birthing of Prince George. The rumor suggests that the commission is a brooch featuring pink diamonds.


Pink diamonds might seem like an interesting choice although pink diamonds have appeared in other jewels made for the Royals. This tradition started when Canadian geologist, Dr. J.T. Williamson found a 54 carat rough pink diamond in Tanzania and gave it to Queen Elizabeth II for a wedding gift in 1947. This diamonds was faceted and set in the center of a stylized flower pin designed by Cartier for Elizabeth’s coronation in 1952.


The 23.6ct pink diamond, known as the Williamson Pink, is considered by many as the finest pink diamond in existence. The Queen wears this brooch often.


Gifts given to mothers after the birth of a baby was first called a “push present” in a publication in 1992. When Prince William was born in 1982, Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a gold bracelet inscribed with his writing and a gold ‘W’ charm. We will have to wait to see what Prince William has commissioned.