Ruven Perelman- Master Goldsmith 2

Ruven Perelman Neptune's Chariot

Ruven Perelman Neptune’s Chariot

Ruven Perelman, the master goldsmith, was born in Tel-Aviv in 1950. He has come from six generations of jewelry makers and his father, David, was also a master goldsmith. It was through his father that he first became exposed to the art. Perelman spent time at his father’s shop growing up and by 10 years old, he was successful in enameling gold pieces.

Perelman chose to continue his education and pursue a career in jewelry at the Art Institute Benvenuto Cellini in Italy. It was there he earned the titles of Master Gemologist and Master in the Art of Precious Metals.

This beautiful brooch is his “Neptune’s Chariot Brooch.” It is truly stunning and shows what an amazing craftsman he is. The detailing is exquisite and horses are something that Perelman does very well. Many of his most famous pieces like the “Salt Cellar Coach,” the “Achilles Clock,” and the “Chinese Coach,” display beautifully sculpted horses. “Neptune’s Chariot Brooch” is entirely 18 karat yellow gold except for the wheel of the chariot which has black enameling.

Ruven Perelman and his family moved to the United States in 1982 where he opened a studio in Naples, Florida. His masterpieces are known for how he “continues the Renaissance tradition.” All of his pieces are hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. It is extremely rare we would have a Perelman piece at Krombholz Jewelers. Next time you stop in, make sure you take a look at a true Ruven Perelman masterpiece.

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Ruven Perelman horses closeup

Ruven Perelman horses closeup